Why Point Bliss Yoga?

At Point Bliss Yoga, we believe that yoga is for everyone.


Rachel was lucky enough to discover yoga in her teens and has seen how transformational a regular practice can be. Unfortunately, due to misconceptions about yoga, many people will never even try yoga. Even worse, past experiences may have poisoned yoga for some individuals. 


That's why Rachel created Point Bliss Yoga. She wants to show that yoga is not only for the flexible, thin, and wealthy. In fact, yoga is not only about the physical practice. Yoga is about a better state of being, and it's available to everyone. 


A number of studies have shown that a regular yoga practice offers a number of physical and mental benefits, and we wanted to create an inclusive environment where everyone would feel comfortable enough to take advantage of this practice. We welcome both beginners and seasoned practitioners. If you've never been to a yoga class and don't know what to expect, you can read our blog entry about a typical class.


Want to see what yoga with Point Bliss is all about? Join us! We have membership tiers for every budget.


Want personalized tutoring or to take your practice to the next level? Rachel offers private lessons via Zoom. Learn more here

Why a sparrow?

We chose a sparrow as our logo because they represent joy, simplicity, and community. The sparrow represents our mission of helping yogis learn about and expand their practice in a supportive, joyful atmosphere. 

Rachel Van Sickle


Rachel has practiced yoga for over 25 years, has explored nearly every asana style, and has delved deeply into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga. More than a path to physical fitness, yoga (including meditation) can lead to better overall wellness. As a graduate student in clinical mental health counseling, she has been encouraged to discover scientific research proving what she has known all along - these practices are deeply healing, which is why she launched Point Bliss Yoga. Rachel wants to demystify yoga and bring the practice to every Body. RYT 500, certified Yin instructor, and iRest© Level 1 teacher.

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