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At Point Bliss Yoga Studio in Toledo, Ohio, we offer a number of classes for all ability levels. If you're new to yoga, you may want to start with a basic, beginners', or yin class. Curious what happens in a typical class? Read our blog!

Yogi Feedback

Marcia A.

As a 69 yr. old woman who has done little exercise recently, when my daughter ask me to take a yoga class, I said "No can do". She convinced me to try. With Rachel's instruction at Point Bliss Yoga Studio, guess what "Can Do". Do I look like a 20 yr. old in the poses ...... No. Do I feel like a 20 yr. old in poses......Yes! If I can do yoga, anyone can. Thank you so much.

Kim D.

I've been really happy with my yoga class. Rachel explains everything really well, including modifications for those of us without "open hips".  :)

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