Free Meditations

These free meditations are here to help you sleep, relax, and more. We offer them free of charge so that everyone has access to a regular meditation practice. If you are able to help support our mission, consider leaving us a tip on Venmo

Want to learn more about Yoga Nidra? We have written several articles on our blog about this topic!

Yoga Nidras

Star Yoga NidraRachel VS
00:00 / 16:30
Yoga Nidra to get in touch w/yourselfRachel VS
00:00 / 25:14
New Moon Yoga NidraRachel VS
00:00 / 26:02

To Help You Sleep

Yoga Nidra for InsomniaRachel V
00:00 / 18:41

Other Meditations

Walking MeditationRachel V.
00:00 / 17:32
Meditation to Check-InRachel V
00:00 / 14:03
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