Meet Our Flock

Meet the Point Bliss Yoga Studio team. We have a varied background but share a passion for yoga and a commitment to inclusion. 

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Owner & Instructor

Rachel has practiced yoga for over 25 years and has explored a number of styles, which is her favorite part of the yogic path--there is always something new to learn. Her current studies include yoga nidra, yin and inclusion. She is passionate about bringing the practice to new people.

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Maddie has been practicing yoga for almost ten years in the Toledo area, and is interested in both the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. She currently focuses her teaching in power yoga, which encourages a more intense yoga that builds body heat and engages muscle and core activation while incorporating inner reflection.




Tiffany discovered yoga by a happy accident. Always a fitness enthusiast, she had thought of yoga classes as a way to stretch post-workout--until she found herself in one of Mike Zerner's classes. She had a "wow" moment and immediately set to learning more about the practice. Tiffany brings a flowing fitness flair (and comedy) to her basic classes.