Happiness Hack: #MeTimeMonday

*Republished with permission from the Boozy Gardener. Originally published March 2019.

I am over two months in to my Happiness Project. Objectively, I cannot tell you whether or not I am happier overall, and the Questioner in me plans to start one of my beloved spreadsheets to see if I can create some sort of happiness measurement.

While I have no raw data, I can tell you that I implemented a new policy last month (during R&R February) that has at least made life more pleasant: #MeTimeMonday.

As you may have been able to suss from this blog, I'm someone who likes to stay busy. The upshot of this is that I am professionally successful, have lots of great memories and possess a plethora of fun friends. The downside is that I occasionally (okay, often) run myself ragged.

Welcome, #MeTimeMonday. Since February's theme was "Rest," I brainstormed new ways to relax; I was already practicing daily yoga and meditation and prioritizing sleep, but I still felt exhausted much of the time.

Garfield’s free brother who also hates Mondays

Since, like Garfield, I hate Mondays, I decided to make Monday the one day of the week where I didn't HAVE to do anything (other than go to work--I do still need an income). No homework; no blogging; no side hustling; no going out; no answering texts or emails.

If I WANTED to do any of these things, I could, but I was under no obligation.

Mondays have gone from the most dreaded day of the week to my absolute favorite. What do I usually do? Read. Take a bubble bath. Enjoy an extra long yoga session. Play with my dogs.

Since Mondays have become a cherished day, I look forward to them every Sunday, so I start the week off feeling positive, relaxed and refreshed (instead of cynical, harried and exhausted). Since I'm taking this time for myself every Monday, I am more productive and creative throughout the week, AND I feel as if I have more to give to friends and family after tending to myself.

I know many of you are probably thinking, "Sure, smug single lady. It's easy to take a day for yourself when you don't have kids and/or a significant other."

I feel you, reader. I know it is not realistic for everyone to take a full day to themselves (but, can you imagine the world if it WAS?). That being said, I would encourage everyone to reach out to their support system to see if they could buy themselves a spare hour. Heck, even if you can close your eyes and meditate for five minutes at work, I think you will feel a lot better.

Just for fun, think about this: what would you do if you had an extra day every week? Post below!

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