Mountain Pose & Calm

I have a confession. After years of mindfulness and yoga practice, I've transformed into a pretty chill person.

Unless I'm standing in a queue.

You put me in a line - waiting for a seat, a spot on the bus, at the grocery store, and I transform from chill, hippie, peace-love-and-happiness-girl into a maniac.

I have no idea why.

Unfortunately, sometimes people are thoughtless and line hop. Maybe they are in their own mental world and didn't see me. Perhaps they are in a hurry and want to get through the line as quickly as possible. It's a waste of time to dwell on the motivations of others. All I know is that, in the past, if someone tried to hop in front of me in line, my rage meter would go from 2 to 12. Of course, I never struck another person, and I only told someone off once (okay--twice), BUT the yogic principle of Non-Violence (Ahimsa) means you do no violence to others (or yourself) through thought or deed.

Plus, getting angry at small inconveniences does nothing but ruin your day.

Thus, whenever I'm in line and someone edges in front of me, I take Tadasana or Mountain Pose. All you do is stand straight with your feet firmly pushed against the earth (feet can be together or hip distance apart--however you're most comfortable). Distribute your weight evenly in both feet and engage your thigh muscles. Gently tigthen your core and roll your shoulders down and back. Focus on the breath moving in-and-out of your nose. If possible, close your eyes (or at least stop looking at the source of your irritation).

Tadasana is a great stress reliever at any time because it takes you out of your busy, egoic mind and puts your focus on presence and your body.

At your desk? You can do this seated as well. Press your feet flat in the earth. Sit up tall and roll your shoulders together and back. You'll feel better in no time.


#MindfulMonday #Yoga #MountainPose #StressRelief

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