New Classes in November

We asked members of our Point Bliss Yoga Facebook page what sort of classes and times were best for them to practice yoga in our South Toledo studio, and we've added a number of new classes based on that feedback.

At Point Bliss Yoga studio, we offer classes for new and experienced yogis (and everyone in between). Here's a brief description of the classes:

"Basic" classes are flow-based, and we offer modifications so that new and experienced yogis will get an appropriate workout. All of our instructors are trained in various yoga modifications, and we have all of the yoga props you will need to honor your body while still enjoying a challenge.

In "Yin" yoga, we hold poses for 3-5 minutes to work on releasing the connective tissue in our bodies. This is the perfect class to release long-held tension. Since yin yoga is slower paced, it also helps yoga practitioners balance out the hectic energy in their lives.

"Yoga to Make You Sweat" is exactly that! While some yoga experience is recommended, it is not required. These yoga classes are faster paced and offer more advanced poses; however, if you are new to yoga, let the instructor know, and she will offer appropriate modifications.

Flow & Yoga Nidra is a relaxing, slow flow practice followed by a guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is called "yogic sleep." Regular practice will help you sleep better and lead a calmer life.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.


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