The New Moon is Coming: Plant an Intention

The new moon will rise on Friday, October 16, 2020. New moons provide an excellent opportunity to plant an intention. Symbolically, it marks new beginnings; an opportunity to renew or set intentions. Practically, it gives us a measurement of time. If we set an intention during a new moon, we have approximately 29 days until the next one. While it can take up to 40 days to form a new habit, four weeks gets you close to that goal!

This new moon will rise in Libra, which makes it an especially good time to set intentions surrounding assertiveness, rebalancing relationships, and making peace (though you all know me, do what most speaks to you!).

Want to take advantage of this new moon energy? Two ways to celebrate include:

  1. Moon salutations. All of my classes this week (online and at The Yoga Loft in Connover, North Carolina) will incorporate moon salutations. Moon salutations are excellent hip openers, which work the root chakra, the home of our grounding and presence. If you are someone who struggles to bring your ideas or intentions to fruition, strengthening the energy of the root chakra is important. Moon salutations are also an excellent leg and core strengthener.

  2. Practice Yoga Nidra. Generally when we set an intention, we do so at the mind and heart level (the manomaya kosha). However, much of what drives our behavior, thoughts, and emotions resides at a much deeper level (the anandamaya kosha). During Yoga Nidra, you will sink to the anandamaya kosha. Once there, the instructor will often (though not always) invite you to set a sankalpa, or deep intention. This can increase the likelihood you will follow through on your intention (if you want to try Yoga Nidra, check out one of our free audio recordings).

If you do not want to celebrate with yoga or meditation, you can also create a new moon mantra (something you want to manifest in life, such as "I move through life with peace and grace"), create a list of things you would like to manifest, or try a ritual, such as this one offered by the Highbrow Hippie.

Whether you choose a yoga practice or to write a few words in your journal, take advantage of this opportunity to set an intention.

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