What is Yoga Nidra?

If you have looked at our course offerings, you may have noticed that we offer a "Flow & Yoga Nidra" class.

For those unfamiliar with the practice, yoga nidra (prounounced ni-drah) is a type of guided meditation that, when practiced regularly, can lower your stress levels, improve sleep quality and bring you more in-tune with your True Self.

Best, you can do it lying down.

Often called, "yogic sleep," yoga nidra should not be confused with napping (though there are guided meditations that can induce sleep). In fact, when practicing yoga nidra, the goal is to stay awake but to enter a state of deep relaxation. Julie Lusk, in her book Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation & Stress Relief describes it as, "somewhat like lingering in the interval between being awake and asleep." Your consciousness remains alert and aware while your busy monkey mind and body rest deeply.

Did someone say savasana?

The script of a yoga nidra meditation follows this basic format:

1. Come to savasana. At Point Bliss, we prep students for the practice with a gentle flow practice.

2. Set a sankalpa (intention). While there are no rules (this is yoga, not football), most practitioners say you will enjoy the most benefits of yoga nidra if you work with the same sankalpa over several weeks/months.

3. Anna Maya Kosha, which is basically a full body scan. However, instead of being distracted by how something feels ("My thighs are so sore from power yoga yesterday"), you are observing without judgment. I think of it as mentally staring blankly at a part of my body.

4. Prana Mata Kosha, which is focus on the breath.

5. From here, the guided meditation will vary, based on what your instructor is working on with you that day. In the first few sessions we will offer at Point Bliss, we will be working through the chakras, for example.

6. Dwell in your Atma or True Self.

7. Remember your sankalpa.

8. Come back to awareness.

If this sounds like a lot, it really isn't. As a practitioner, you will rest in savasana and listen to the instructions of your teacher. If your mind wanders, and it will, observe the wandering and then return to your instructor's words.

To learn more about yoga nidra, book your first class today on our website! Unlimited classes are only $60 in October and individual classes are just $10.

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