Year-End Tarot-Guided Journal/Meditation Prompts

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

As I wrote in a previous blog, I use the tarot as a form of dharana, or concentration. The cards help me focus on my energies on problems I’m combatting or aid in self-reflection.

Beginning January 12, if you are a Point Bliss Yoga Studio member, you can enjoy a monthly video of me sharing a tarot reading and journal activity to help you cultivate self-reflection. Today, I offer you this exercise in written format!

In honor of the new year, I did a reflection inquiry about how to end 2020 successfully and start off 2021 on the right foot. Here’s what the cards revealed.

Inquiry #1: What do we need to leave in the past?

The Card: Temperance Reversed.

Temperance is a major arcana card, which means it carries powerful life lessons. In the upright position, Temperance means that we have found balance or calm in our life. However, the card came up reversed for us today, which means we may have been struggling with moderation in some aspect of our lives. To manifest our best future, we need to right that ship—and quickly! This could mean that you’ve been overindulging in food, alcohol, or spending, or that you are ignoring some aspect of your life to succeed in another (e.g. you are spending too much time at work and neglecting your family).

Journal/Meditation Prompt: The cards are guiding us to leave this sort of imbalance in the past, so take some time to reflect through journaling or meditation about where you can bring greater balance to your life. If you are really feeling out-of-touch with your internal compass, you may want to first practice a Yoga Nidra to tune in more deeply to physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and intuitions. Keep your journal near by so you can jot down any insights that arise.

Inquiry #2: What do we need to accept in the present?

The Card: Nine of Chalices

Chalices, a minor arcana suit, are all about love, relationships, and connections, and the Nine of Chalices is all about comfort and contentment. The cat is quite pleased with where he is now, and he has all his “cups in a row.” You can tell from that uncomfortable bench, though, that he will not be there for long, which is a reminder that life is constantly changing. Thus, it is time to accept and appreciate any contentment that you feel in any part of your life, particularly in the realm of family and relationships. Maybe your love life is not what you had envisioned, but you may have some really great friends. Time to feel thankful for what you do have and let go of areas in your life where you may feel lacking.

Journal/Meditation Prompt: The Nine of Chalices is a reminder to practice gratitude. Sure your life may not be perfect (I’m sure this cat would be happier in a soft bed or box than that golden bench), but there are some parts of your life that are just as they should be. Now may be a good time to start journaling three things for which you are grateful each night before bed or take a few minutes each day to meditate on all for which you are thankful.

Inquiry #3: What should we energies must we channel for the future?

The Card: Six of Pentacles

Pentacles is another minor arcana suite that is more about the practical side of life - finances, health, work, and creativity as it pertains to your job. Six of Pentacles is about generosity. I love this card because its message is so complex. If you take a close look, the wealthy cat in the center has tears in her eyes as she gives alms to the poor. In one hand, she’s making it rain, and in the other, she is holding a scale - always a symbol for justice and fairness. Know that in the tarot, though, we can be any of the characters in the card. So, you may be the generous woman in the middle, or you may be one of the impoverished. Either way, this card has a message for us to carry with us to the new year: it is important for us to be generous with others, whether that means financially or by offering others wisdom or emotional support when they need it. Conversely, you must allow yourself to accept help and generosity for others.

Journal/Meditation Prompt: I recommend breaking this journal and meditation prompt into multiple parts. In part one, think about ways that you can be more generous with others. Have you recently had a financial windfall that will allow you to give to a cause you find important - then do so! Could you spend more time checking in with friends who are struggling? Give it a shot. Remember to respect your own boundaries and create time for self-care, but be honest about how you can practice more generosity.

Secondly, take some time to meditate or journal on ways that you could better accept help? Perhaps a coworker has been offering to take some work off your plate, but you do not want to take the time to show them how to assist you. Let that stuff go and show them how to help! Maybe a loved one has offered some financial help - take it!

Summary and Patreon Plug

I hope that you have found this reading helpful, whether you work through all the prompts in the coming weeks or just those that feel right to you. As I always say in asana class, it’s your practice, so make it yours!

Finally, in the spirit of the Six of Pentacles (which I swear just came up in this reading and is not a convenient transition), if you would like to help Point Bliss Yoga continue its mission to bring yoga and meditation to all, consider purchasing a membership. There is a tier for every budget. If you cannot, no worries. We will continue to offer free meditations on our website and videos through YouTube.

We have set a fun goal that when we reach $500 per month, we will start a Point Bliss Yoga podcast. The working concept is "A Realist's Guide to Embodying Joy." I'll share more details as we get closer to that launch!

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