Yoga and Fearlessness

Today’s Intermediate class was all about building fearlessness.

I wore my favorite shirt to honor our theme. Rosa Parks started a movement with one small word, one small act of courage.


Philosopher Krishnamurti said, “The culture in which we are born makes us conform. Conformity brings fear… If you are frightened, then you are caught forever. But if you say, ‘I am not going to be frightened,’ let’s examine it, then let’s find out how to live in this world without being frightened, without conformity. If you know how to live that way, you will never be frightened.”

We are at a turning point in history where we all have to decide if we want to conform to what has been or if we are going to be fearless and follow our hearts towards justice and equality.

If you want to conquer fear, you can start with the physical body. Exercises to power the Manipura chakra will help. This energy is located just above the navel, and it’s the home of our warrior energy, self-esteem, and where we can find the power to change. Planks, boat pose, and balancing postures are all a great way to fire up this energy. You don’t even really need to believe that chakras are a thing. Just focus on this courageous power, building in your abdomen. You can picture it as the yellow flames of a fire burning away your fear and need to be accepted. Do this, and you’ll feel more comfortable to rise up (or stay seated), and say, “Nah.”

Of course, physical exercise will only get you so far. There are other ways to conquer fear. Educate yourself. Read. Talk to people who are different than you. And, maybe the scariest thing of all, accept that you'll sometimes be wrong. You will make a mistake. Someone may need to correct you. Thank the brave soul for the correction and do better going forward.

Historically and today, "Culture" will tell you that you'll be an outcast if you don't fall in line. This isn't true. When you are true to yourself and fearless, you will find your tribe. I hope I'm in it.

Jai Bhagwan (Victory to the Spirit inside all of us)

#blacklivesmatter #riseup #warriorenergy

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